My grinder was the last piece of smoking equipment I gave a shit about for the longest time.  I bought a $20 — assumingly imported from China — grinder off Amazon years ago and didn't look back.  I thought as long as it ground flower up well and had a kief tray then I'm good — wrong!

After realizing that I had been using the same crappy grinder for years, I decided it was time for an upgrade.  Something built with quality and out of materials that I felt were safe to expose my weed to on a daily basis.  Even though I know there are technical and seemingly safe methods to color metal like anodizing, I still wanted something raw and untouched to grind with.

Every Mendo Mulcher is manufactured in Mendocino County, California. In my opinion, the craftsmanship is what separates the Mendo Mulcher apart from the competition. Sure there are other nice 3" grinders on the market, but with a unique and proprietary design, Mendo Mulchers have no imitations or copycats. You're getting nothing but attention to detail, which is hard to come by in a product that is generally mass-produced/rebranded to limit cost.

Even after putting ounces through mine, I get no stick or squeak when turning it or unscrewing the kief chamber.  This longevity along with the lifetime warranty essentially guarntees you'll never need to purchase another grinder again — unless your baked ass loses it somehow.

There are quite a bit of teeth on the Mendo Mulcher as well.  Not that grinding weed is a particularly painstaking task, but I hardly ever feel like I accidentally put too much in or get it stuck for whatever reason while twisting.

If you're looking for something with an emphasis on quality to grind your cannabis, look no further.  The Mendo Mulcher is free of bullshit, gimmicks, or anything that doesn't scream craftsmanship. In an industry like cannabis ripe with hyperbole, it's good to know there's stuff out there like the Mendo Mulcher.

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