This website is nothing more than an outlet for me to dump my thoughts and photos – I think the photos are alright and the thoughts a little bit worse.

For whatever reason, I've always enjoyed having my own little corner of the internet (who remembers Expage?) and this is my current version of that.  

You'll find various posts about travel, general musings, random reviews of things I've purchased, and probably the Grateful Dead and/or concerts.

Catch me riding around the Bay on my Surly Midnight Special. View from Angel Island State Park.

While I don't do any of this for views or money (lmao) or for any other reason than that I enjoy it, it's always nice to know people may potentially be getting a kick out of what I'm saying or shooting.  If so, please sign up to be notified when I post new things via the homepage. ❤️‍🔥

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– G